When it comes to getting maintenance for your vehicle, you may question the best place to go. There are repair shops on every corner inviting you to bring your car in for service. But, in today's marketplace, there is a way array of car models and types. It seems like the better deal may come from a facility that has in-depth knowledge of your car. As engines become more complex and technology more advanced, there is a need for more specialized technicians. A major benefit of coming to our dealership for the regular upkeep of your Ford vehicle is the assurance that we know all about it. Here are the services you should get to keep your vehicle in great condition.


With newer vehicles, there is usually a light on the dashboard to indicate the time for an oil change. If your vehicle does not alert you to the need for a change, you should do so between every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. In between these changes, you still have to ensure that your vehicle has the proper amount of oil in it. You can complete this by checking the dipstick to see where the amount lies. If you see black rather than gold-colored oil, you can bring it in for an experienced technician to change it for you.

Tire Pressure

As the weather changes around Livonia and Canton, it can also cause a shift in the air pressure of your tires. When the pressure is low, the tires are flatter and tend to ride a bit on the sides. This can overheat your tire and result in an unfortunate blow-out. Not only could this leave you stuck on the side on the road, but it could cause a costly tire replacement sooner than you should have needed one. Also, tires with low pressure decrease how efficiently your vehicle can burn fuel. By visiting our dealership, we can adjust your tires to the right pressure.


You might not think much about your brakes until you have a problem with them. If you press the pedal, but your car hesitates in slowing down, you could be on the brink of a frightening experience. Having them checked every six months is a good idea to keep yourself and others safe as you go about your day. When your brakes squeal or grind, you should visit the service department to prevent serious damage to your braking system.

Tire Tread

Even if you have perfect brakes, you'll also need a healthy amount of tread so your tires can grasp onto the road. This is important anytime, but especially when the road is icy or wet. Many people check their tread by using a penny test. To give this a try, sit a penny into the tread with Lincoln's head facing down. If you can see the top of the head, the tread amount is too low. While some people feel comfortable with their judgment in this situation, you can rely on us instead. A member of our service team will gladly check your tires' tread as well as the alignment and any other issues.


You are aware of why lights are important on your vehicle but may only notice your headlights. To safely reverse, slow down, or stop, all the other lights must be in great condition also. Daily weather exposure affects the exterior lights as well as your driving habits. So, you could need to switch bulbs more or less than those around you. Routine inspections and replacements at our service center ensure you have the necessary lights to get around. That way, you won't have to rely on an onlooker to tell you that your lights are out. If you experience blinking or dimness within any of the lights, we can also check the sockets for damage or decay.

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